Guidi Front Zip Boots Red xndr8EnXJS

Guidi Front Zip Boots Red xndr8EnXJS
Red calf leather front zip boots from Guidi featuring a round toe, a front zip fastening, a pull tab at the rear, a chunky low block heel and a distressed finish.

John Dunleavy Study Abroad Advisor

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Tel:(718) 982-2100

This program is sponsored and administered by the College of Staten Island.

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Lorenzo de’ Medici is a private educational institution located in fifteen campus buildings in the historic city center, right next to the thriving San Lorenzo market and church and close to transport facilities. Together the LdM buildings contain a full range of facilities including numerous classrooms and large, specialized art studios, a cafeteria, a courtyard garden, a library, the student point and the computer center. All LDM Florence campus premises are equipped for wireless connection. For over 30 years, students from all around the U.S. and the rest of the world have enrolled at Lorenzo de' Medici. Faculty in all fields of study are highly experienced and speak English and all courses are taught in English with the exception of Italian language courses. Course Offerings The largest of the sites, the Florence Campus currently offers the most comprehensive programming. Students can study abroad for a year, a semester, or short-term programs in the summer. Students that enroll at LdM come from all around the United States and the rest of the world to study Italian language, studio art, art history, Italian culture, and various other fields of study. The courses offered cover many different disciplines to meet varied student needs. No previous knowledge of Italian is required. The language of instruction is English, with the exception of the language classes and one or two courses designated, "in Italian." Classes are small, with strong emphasis placed on student-faculty interaction. Students elect one of the following three programs for the Fall/Spring semesters: Liberal Arts/Studio Art Program (12-15 credits) A 3-credit Italian language course is required, which is offered at all levels from beginning through advanced. Beyond the compulsory Italian course, students are free to choose any of the courses they want. All courses are 3 credits each. If students wish to take more credits in Italian language, they may register for a 6-credit Intensive Italian language course plus two or three additional courses. There are 3-credit internship courses available in art history/museum studies, business, marketing, communications, fashion design, fashion marketing, graphic design, Italian language/service learning. Semester Certificate Program (15 credits) Students have the opportunity to gather the professional skills and the theoretical underpinnings of exciting fields such as Visual Communication for Fashion, Interior Design in Contemporary Living, Product Design towards Sustainability, or Architecture in Urban Context, Art in Food: Italian Gastronomy, or Balance in Nutrition: the Art of Cooking. For a complete list of scheduled courses, please consult the website .

November 21, 2016

If you don’t see the mistake in the headline above, don’t worry — you’re hardly alone. Highlighting the mistake is pedantic, but, so often is the case with little bits of grammar. But let’s do it anyway. The problem is with the use of the words “comprised of” — it’s wrong. Grammarist Anne Klein Rosalie Black Patent Leather High Heels jZFrXNOgi

In other words, you shouldn’t ever use the phrase “comprised of.” And there’s no need to take Grammarist’sword for it — the OED agrees , calling the construction “incorrect.”

But Grammarist is correct that “to stop it is probably a lost cause” — emphasis on the word “probably.” Just ask Bryan Henderson.

Henderson is one of the many thousands of volunteers who regularly edit Wikipedia, where he’s known by the username “ Giraffedata .” But unlike most Wikipedians, Henderson’s focus is exceptionally narrow. As Backchannel explains , “while some Wikipedia editors focus on adding content or vetting its accuracy, and others work to streamline the site’s grammar and style, generally few, if any, adopt Giraffedata’s approach to editing: an unrelenting, multi-year project to fix exactly one grammatical error.” Specifically, Henderson’s self-assigned mission is to remove instances of “comprised of” wherever he can. And because Wikipedia is a world-editable project, that means Henderson can remove the error almost everywhere.

So, Henderson has done just that — editing out the words “comprised of” approximately 50,000 times .

It’s not an entirely manual process. Henderson built a program — a “bot” in Wikipedian parlance — which scours the online encyclopedia in search of the offending phrase. Then, on most Sunday nights (and at various other times), Henderson spends about an hour reviewing the list generated by that bot and makes the necessary edits. Here’s a list of edits he made last night, for example:

The whole process takes about an hour or so — Henderson estimates that the phrase finds its way into articles about 70 or so times each week.

In Henderson’s mind, he’s making Wikipedia — and through it, the world — a better place. On a Wikipedia page about his efforts , he describe the construction “comprised of” as having a few flaws: it’s “completely unnecessary,” “illogical,” “imprecise,” often used “to aggrandize a sentence,” and is a departurefrom the etymology of the word “comprise.” (Although Ash Dazed Star Stud Calfskin Leather Sneakers White D68d4BX
.) And, Henderson continues, his endeavor is consistent with the principles that govern Wikipedia:

For many, that Henderson is so dedicated to this endeavor may seem strange and quixotic. And sure, it is — but it’s a hobby like any other. Is it any weirder than emailing trivia to a list comprised of — er, I mean, composed of — a fairlylarge number of strangers? You be the judge.

: Despite Henderson’s note above, there are some situations where Wikipedia’s editing community has instituted a style guide. For example, the English-language version of Wikipedia has some pages which use American English, others which use British English, and still others that use another dialect altogether. Which one to use? There are guidelines for that . The general rule? Don’t change a page from one version to another.

: The Bicholim Conflict The war documented in great detail on Wikipedia — except for the fact that the war never happened.

: Sondra Roberts Mini Bead Clutch Pewter Multi Gunmetal PyNfD
. It’s comprised of… er, consists of “300 Wiki Theme Cards, 4 Dry Erase Boards, 4 Dry Erase markers, 100 Tokens and a Sand Timer” per the Amazon page.

Comprise means to consist of or to be composed of. Compose means to make up the constituent parts of. Parts compose the whole, and the whole comprises the parts. For example, we could say that the United States comprises 50 states and that the 50 states compose the United States.

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Annual Learner Driver Insurance

Learn to Drive in your own or someone else's car

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Start Driving Today With Instant Cover

We'll give you a pro-rata refund for the remaining cover no cancellation charge.

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Our Customer Service Speaks for its self, check out our reviews.

Insure your own car and start earning accelerated no-claims bonus.

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Get your first year's full no-claims bonus from 10 months

If you own a car as a Provisional Licence Holder, getting insurance isn’t as difficult as you might think! With Collingwood, we let you can choose from various policy types and levels of cover ad you can have yourparent or spouse as a named driver for free. Start building your first years no-claims bonus!
This policy is designed to sit alongside the existing policy of the car you’re learning to drive in and could save you money. The benefit of having your own Learner driver policy is that any claim for an accident you’re involved in would be made on your own policy and would not affect the No-Claim Bonus of the car Owner.

Collingwood offers Learner Driver Insurance policies to suit your needs. Whether you're insuring your own car or someone else’s, you have access to the following:

Flexible Payments

Pay Annually or in Monthly Instalments.

Accelerated No-Claims

Build your no-claim Bonus before you start to drive on your own. Subject to 10 months uninterrupted, claim free cover.

Easy to Cancel

Passed your test? Let us know, and we’ll give you a refund on the remaining cover, with no Cancellation Charges.

Choose Your Cover

Unlike other providers we let you choose from Fully Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only cover types.

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Why Choose Us

Collingwood has been a Learner Driver Insurance specialist since 2008, and we pride ourselves in offering a straightforward, uncomplicated product designed to help you get that all-important extra driving experience. You have the flexibility to choose a cover that suits you and the option to insure your own, a friend or family member’s vehicle. We offer cover until you have passed your practical driving test and make it easy for you to cancel your policy from your personal online account.

We are rated 9.7 out of 10 on Trustpilot, which makes us one of the highest rated car insurance providers. Our teams don’t work to sales targets, instead they are rewarded for delivering excellent customer service and quality and it shows.

In 2016 we won the DIA (Driving Instructors Association) award for Best Young/Learner Driver Insurance Provider, and in 2017 we won it again. The award is voted for by Driving Instructors and students.

We work with leading organisations such as the DIA (Driving Instructor Association) and MSA (The Motor Sports Association). We ’ve also supported the “Big Learner Relay” for Children in Need, for the past five years.

Extra benefits and Add-ons

As well as the above benefits you also have access to the following, depending on the level of cover and availability*. Plus the option to add on some great extras.

If your windscreen can be repaired, we’ll carry it out free of charge and with no excess*.
For a small fee you can cover your excess should you be involved in an accident.
You can add a Parent or Spouse on a Annual Learner Driver policy FREE of charge!
In the event of an accident, we can provide you with a Free courtesy car*

Happy Customers

We have thousands of happy customers, check out what just a few have to say about our Learner Driver Insurance, the benefits of getting more private practice, saving money and just how friendly our team are.

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Our Reviews

We are one of the highest rated car insurance providers on Trustpilot with over 2,000 positive reviews.

Learner Driver Cover Comparison

With Collingwood Annual Learner Driver Insurance you can choose from three different levels of cover. Third Party only, Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive. Each comes with additional levels of cover to suit your needs and budget.

Prices and cover levels are dependent on age and location. *Courtesy car subject to availability, terms and conditions apply.

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